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Reasons to have your vehicle tinted:

  • 1. Lifetime Warranty

    All of our tint jobs include our lifetime warranty! This covers bubbling, peeling, cracking, changing color(purple), and fading. The warranty does not cover abuse to the film in any way or damage/scratching caused by improper cleaning.

  • 2. Protection

    All of our window tint protects you and the interior of the car from nearly %100 of harmful UV rays. Heat rejection helps reduce interior temperature allowing your air conditioning to work more efficiently. This keeps your interior lasting longer while keeping your eyes and skin better protected from the sun.

  • 3. Safety and Privacy

    Glare and light reflection is reduced to help your vision while driving both day and night. This is especially helpful if you have any vision problems or light sensitivity. Window film can give you greater privacy and if a window is broken the film holds the pieces together rather than allowing it to shatter everywhere.

Window tint removal:

If for any reason you need tint removed we have you covered. Old, cracked, purple, bubbling, citation for removal, etc. Rear windows can be saved in most cases as well. Steam removal is our preferred method for rear windows to preserve the defroster lines.